{Προτεινω να σπασει σε υποενοτητες}


The Hellenic Community of Edinburgh (HCE) is a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (registration number SC048115). It got incorporated on the 5th of February 2018, although its history dates back to late 2014 when it formed as a community group.


To be the reference point for Greeks in Edinburgh and a transmitter of Greek culture in the local community.


HCE aims:

  • To promote fellowship and strengthen the links among members of the Hellenic community residing in Edinburgh and surrounding areas;
  • To foster and promote a better understanding and appreciation of the Hellenic culture by the local community;
  • To represent the Hellenic community of Edinburgh in any matter that the membership feels that is of common interest, also in cases where there is a collective view, which is deemed important to be stated. That includes communicating with the British local and national Authorities, institutions and other organisations worldwide; and
  • To not be involved in party politics i.e. the Community shall not actively participate in a campaign on behalf of, or in opposition to, any candidate for public office in any country.


Following an electoral process carried out during the Annual General Meeting that was held on 25/11/2018, the current HCE Council consists of:

Ioannis Lalos, President

Adrianos Evangelidis, Secretary

Born and bred in Marousi of Attica, with origins from Orestiada and Serres, has spent most of his life in the United Kingdom. Since 2006, and following long term graduate studies, he is professionally engaged in the field of digital technologies for public administration. Aside his HCE voluntary work, Adrianos is a keen amateur photographer and likes to travel.

Michalis Tsagkarakis, Treasurer

Past Councils

Third Council from 18/06/2018 until 25/11/2018:

  • Ioannis Lalos (President)
  • Adrianos Evangelidis (Vice-president)
  • Michalis Tsagkarakis (Secretary)
  • Christos Giannoukos (Treasurer)

Second Council from 12/09/2016 until 17/06/2018:

  • Michalis Tsagkarakis (President)
  • Ioannis Lalos (Vice-president)
  • Adrianos Evangelidis / Penny Karanasiou (Secretary)
  • Vangelis Assimakos / Alexandra Konstantinou (Treasurer)

First Council from 22/11/2014 until 11/09/2016:

  • Michalis Tsagkarakis (President)
  • Antigoni Mitsioni (Vice-president)
  • Virginia Georgiou (Secretary)
  • Vangelis Assimakos (Treasurer)
  • Eirini Theofanidou (Member)
  • Dimitris Erkekoglou (Member)
  • Ioannis Lalos (Member)